How to Create a Bootable CD ISO with Nero

How to Create a Bootable CD:

The “Save CD Image to Disk” option allows you to create a bootable CD to diagnose your system. This can be valuable if you have a newer system that does not have a floppy disc drive. Or if your BIOS is not setup to boot from a floppy disc, but is setup to boot from a CD-Rom. Most new computers are setup to boot from a CD-Rom by default.

From the “Windows Memory Diagnostic Setup” window select the “Save CD Image to Disk” option. When you do this it will open a “Save CD Image” window. Save the file to your desktop. Once you have done this the program will tell you “File saved successfully”. You should now have a “windiag.iso” file on your desktop.

An ISO file, also known as an “Image” file is used to burn an exact copy of a file or program within certain CD burning software. One program that works great for burning these types of files is “Nero Burning Rom”. If you have this program you are good to go. If not you can download the program from the following location:

If you do not want to purchase this software, you can look for the “Free Trial” version on their site which will let you use the basic functions of the software needed to burn the ISO file. Once you have Nero downloaded and installed you open up your “windiag.iso” file into Nero so that you can burn the diagnostic program to CD.

You need to open the file in Nero a certain way to make to make sure that it burns the ISO file correctly. To do this, right click on the file and it will bring up a menu of options. You want to select the “Open With” option from the menu. Once you have selected this it will open an “Open With” dialog that will display all the programs that are currently installed on your system

If you have installed Nero correctly you should be able to scroll down the list and select Nero and then click “OK”. If you like you an leave the “Always use this program to open these files” option checked [or add a check if it is not] and in the future your computer will know to always open ISO image files in Nero so you can burn them.

Once you have selected OK Nero will open automatically and take you to the “Image Recording – Write a premastered image” window. You can leave the options that are set at their defaults and then click the “next” button in the lower right hand corner.

At this point Nero should begin the “Burning Process” which will show you a percentage bar of how much time is left on the program for burning your CD. Since this is such a small file, the burn process should only take about 1 minute and then it will pop up with a window that says

“Burn process completed successfully at 40x (6,000 KB/s)”

Or something similar to that, you are mainly checking to make sure it says it completed successfully. Click ok on the success window and then click the “next” button in the lower right corner one more time to finish your diagnostic disc.

At this point the program should automatically eject your disc from the system at which point you can close down Nero since we are done using it. I would recommend putting the disc back into the system and then checking through Windows Explorer to make sure you see data on the disc as another method to verify the disc was burned successfully.

When you click on the CD-Rom drive in your system, it should show you that there is a folder on the CD labeled “I386″. If you see this on the disc, your project has burned successfully and you can now reboot your system with the CD-Rom still in the drive so the computer will detect it and boot from the CD.

[NOTE: on some system you need to watch during the boot process, and you will get a message that says "Hit any key to boot from CD". If you see this message come up, hit any key and then you should see the diagnostic program startup.]

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