Cash for Clunkers Computer Program offers Incredible Savings!

Save Big Money on Your Next PC with the “Cash for Clunkers” Computer Program

With the incredible success of the “Cash for Clunkers” automobile program, which offered consumers large rebates on trade in cars and trucks towards the purchase of new energy efficient vehicles, many industries have been following suit.

Offering more than just value to customers, these “Clunkers” programs are being designed to cycle out dangerous or inefficient goods from the market and to replace them with new safer and energy efficient products.

Enter the “Cash for Clunkers” Computer Program from CPU Solutions.

The Cash for Clunkers Computer Program allows customers to bring in their old PCs for a trade-in rebate towards qualifying energy efficient PCs from CPU Solutions.

Customers who are not local to Wisconsin can also participate in the clunkers program by sending in a picture of their old PC to become eligible for a “Cash for Clunkersrebate.

CPU Solutions is working with local computer recycling companies in Madison, Wisconsin to make sure that customer’s old systems are being disposed of in a safe and earth friendly manner.

The qualified systems that are eligible for the “Cash for Clunkers” rebate are custom built computers that were designed with Energy Efficiency in mind. These systems utilize some of the best energy saving hardware available.

In addition to the Cash for Clunkers computer rebates and energy efficient Green Machines, CPU Solutions also offers power saving tips and information that show customers exactly how much money that can save each year by purchasing a new energy efficient PC.

They have also provided customers with information and useful links on e-waste and computer recycling and request that customers who mail in pictures of their systems explore responsible disposal methods for their old computers.

It’s good to see businesses going the extra mile to provide extra value to their customers.

The Cash for Clunkers Computer Program helps keep e-waste out of landfills improves overall energy efficiency and minimizes power consumption while offering big savings to anyone who is looking to purchase a new PC.

Great Value in a Phenom II X4 All-In-One Computer System

The Most PC for Your Money with the AMD Phenom II

Times have been rough lately. Let’s face it. You turn on the news and all you hear about are layoffs, bankruptcy, and foreclosures.

But at the same time there are still things you need around the house. Appliances need to work, you need to be able to cook dinner every night, and the kids still need to be able to do their homework.

I think in our modern day society the computer has become a household appliance. Not only does it provide relaxation and entertainment, it also provides a valuable need for many of the things we do in our everyday lives.

I know many families out there that rely on a computer in the home for things like news, communications, research, and learning. Whether you are reading the latest headlines, emailing your relatives or doing homework, a computer provides an invaluable resource for the entire family.

With this in mind I have been looking for the best value in a PC for the money. After some research I narrowed this down to the new Phenom II All-In-One Computer Package from CPU Solutions.

This system offers an amazing value and includes everything you need in a computer to satisfy the entire family. Whether you are using the system for entertainment purposes, or work and communications, the Phenom II All-In-Package provides you with everything you need right out of the box.

The hardware specs on the system are great for the price, but what really impressed me was all the additional hardware included in the package that truly provided everything you need with a home computer.

Included with the computer is a 22” widescreen LCD monitor that is great for entertainment and studying. There is also the Microsoft Communications Package which includes a multimedia keyboard, optical mouse, and webcam that is perfect for making your own family movies or keeping in touch with relatives.

Also included is a Canon Inkjet printer which is perfect for printing off work documents, homework, pictures, and even family photos. Stop spending money having photos printed when you can do it professionally in your own home.

There is also a Logitech S-150 Speaker set which is perfect for enjoying movies and all your favorite music right on your PC.

As you can see, this is the complete computer package at a great price that offers value and savings on your next home computer. Don’t be fooled by retail chains that offer “Big Savings” on computers only to nickel and dime you for the additional hardware you need.

If you’re a on a budget but still need that perfect system that meets the entire families needs you should checkout the Phenom II All-In-One Computer Package from CPU Solutions. Get the most for your money in a custom computer system with the Phenom II CPU from AMD.

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Two Great Linux Systems Under $300 Dollars

Inexpensive Linux PC for Home Office and Business

Sub $300 Dollar Linux ComputersYou have probably been seeing a lot of the promotions out there lately for Linux systems under $300 dollars. It seems like a lot of businesses have been catching on to the latest trends in computers and are trying to create more offerings for their customers.

Companies like Walmart, and Sears are now offering cheap Linux desktops to appeal to families with smaller budgets, that can’t afford an expensive computer system just for home use.

Recently I came across two great Linux PCs on CPU Solutions that offer amazing value and quality at a very competitive price. Both of these systems are SFF (Small Form Factor) PCs that utilize some of the best hardware for micro computing.

The systems were design around the Intel D945GCLF Mini ITX motherboard which comes integrated with the 45nm Intel ATOM Processor running a 1.6Ghz.

These energy efficient motherboards utilize the Intel 945GC Express Chipset to provide great video performance, high quality audio and 10/100 ethernet all onboard eliminating the need for expensive peripherals that should come standard with a computer system.

The computers also come configured with 512mb of DDR2 memory, and a SATA (Serial ATA) hard drive for high speed data access and storage.

Each system comes preconfigured with a low profile case that barely makes a foot print in work areas providing you with more desk space. Users are given a lot of options for customization on these systems and can configure different hardware setups to meet their exact specifications.

I recently had a chance to demo the “MITX Linux System” which is competitively priced at $299.99, and I was very impressed with the performance and quality on such an inexpensive system.

The first thing I would like to point out is how well these systems run Kubuntu and different software applications for Linux. I was a bit skeptical with the ATOM processor before I had a chance to use it as I am mainly a Windows user and I am use to the high performance demands set by Microsoft.

The operating system loaded amazingly fast and seemed to respond instantly with any of the programs I was testing. The 512mb of DDR2 memory was more than enough for anything I was running on the system under Linux, and provided great performance for office and multimedia tasks. This is a major difference than the performance I experience with my home PC which is running Windows XP Pro.

Linux Gaming SystemsThe thing that was most impressive with the MITX Linux System was the quality of the 945GC Chipset when it came to onboard functions. I am a gamer at heart and love playing older titles and classic games. I decided to test the system with Mupen64, a Nintedo64 emulator for Linux to see if I could use the PC as a Linux Gaming System.

As soon as I had everything setup I loaded one of my all time favorite games for the Nintendo64… Zelda: The Ocarina of Time. It looked beautiful! This was truly a sub $300 Linux system that I could enjoy gaming on.

The system also performed exceptionally for basic functions like word processing, email, internet, music, and movies. Everything you would expect from a $600 dollar Windows system at half the price.

Overall I am highly impressed with what companies have been able to do by utilizing some of the latest computer hardware, and open source operating systems like Kubuntu and other flavors of Linux.

I think these two systems are great examples of computers that offer amazing value to families and business while keeping the end user in mind.

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