Google Chrome Beta for Windows – Download Link

Google Chrome is Now Available for Windows – Download Here

Google Chrome Beta Download for WindowsIf you were waiting yesterday for a chance to try out the new Google Chrome browser now is your chance. Google has finally made the Chrome beta available for download so users can try out Google’s newest offering in the software arena.

Google Chrome Beta Download Link 

People have had mixed reviews of Google’s ability to produce a good stand alone program because of their relative inexperience in making full applications. While Google excels at making web applications they have not had many offerings as far as software, so it will be interesting to see what people think.

My initial impression of Chrome is that the name does a good job of describing the program. It is sleek, and polished. Simple, yet effective. A friend of mine who has been a long time supporter of Firefox mentioned he had mixed feelings about Firefox 3.0 simply because it felt bloated. His comment was “All I need in a browser is an address bar, and a place to view pages”.

I think Chrome takes this simple idea and creates a browser that does not overwhelm users, and at the same time offers good speed and stability. Of course only long term use will tell for sure, but as it stands Chrome seems like a good offering into the browser arena.

For more information on how to Chrome and all the new features checkout the comic from Google that will walk users through all the nuances of the new software which can be found here.

Google Chrome Walkthrough

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Google Chrome Download – Google’s New Web Browser

Users Trying to Download Chrome Will Need to Wait a Little Longer

Google Chrome DownloadLooking for Chrome, Google’s new web browser? Unfortunately users will have to wait just a little bit longer before they can get their hands on the beta of this new software. On September 1st. Google made an early announcement that the new software would be available for download (as a beta) in 100 countries on Tuesday September, 2nd.

For awhile Google had a “Chrome” landing page setup for users who were interested in the software, but this page is currently down and redirects users to the main Google homepage.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Chrome it is a new web browser developed by Google who has worked closely in the past with Mozilla on the development of FireFox. What this new software means for the relations between Google and Mozilla is anyone’s guess but it is just another sign of Googles evolution into the world of software.

For more information on the release of Chrome and the technical details on the software checkout the TechCrunch article here:

No Joke: Google Introduces The Chrome Browser With A Cartoon

Green Machine Power Savings through Software

With Energy Prices on the Rise what can you do to Save Money?

Edison Power Management Software ApplicationLately it is a thought that is on all our minds… the cost of energy. What has happened in the past few years that dragged us to the point we are at today? I could go around pointing fingers, or playing the blame game but the fact is that not much gets accomplished when we focus on things like that.

Instead I would like to make a recommendation for something proactive we can do to save a little money in the grips of this energy crisis.

Enter “Edison”, a power management program created by Verdiem Software. Edison is a software program that adds a robust functionality to the standard Windows power management options through a third party interface.

The program itself is very easy to use and shows you the amount of money, energy and CO2 you are saving according to the settings you decide to go with in the program. It is very eye opening to see not only the monetary savings but the potential environmental impact that can be made by managing our power consumption on the PCs we use everyday.

I am by no means a green activist, but in the past few months our weather patterns, world events, and national economy have made it apparent why we all need to start paying more attention to these issues. For us techies it can be something as simple as installing some software the help promote a positive change.

Check the following link to download the Edison PC Power Management Software.

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New iPhone Tethering Software on Apple Apps Store gets Pulled

Tethering App for the Apple iPhone Briefly Available to Users

iPhone Tethering Software App from Apple Apps StoreIn the latest technical debacle from Apple, tethering software for the Apple iPhone was made available on the Apple “Apps” store for about 20 minutes before being removed entirely.

Users who were lucky enough to download the $10 software created by Nullriver, gained the ability to tether iPhones to their laptops or PCs, enabling online access for those systems through the phone itself.

There is a lot of confusion surrounding the issue, as to why the software was available from Apple’s Apps store because of the supposed screening process Apple has in place to ensure only “approved” apps are available for sale.

Nullriver posted an article explaining what had happened, and wrote they were still waiting on a response from Apple as to why the software had been pulled.

As an iPhone owner I am very disappointed to see a company preach about innovation, only to stifle it when there is money to be made. This seems to be the trend that has followed the release of the iPhone, and anyone who has tried to enable the device to do more than what Apple had originally intended.

They have obviously come a long way from the days of building computers in the garage. While this has helped provide consumers with numerous innovations in computers, Apple seems to have lost sight of the original passion they had to “create” technology. Either that or they feel they should be able to corner the market on “thinking different”.

For more details on the story checkout the full article at TechCrunch here

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Microsoft Announces “Windows XP Officially Retired”

Concerns from Customers Have Delayed the Pending Deadline

Windows XP Retired By MicrosoftIn a recent article on Information Week, Microsoft has announced that it will no longer make Windows XP available to large computer makers, such as Dell, Lenovo, or Hewlett-Packard, or to software retailers.

This did not come as much of a shock, since most businesses in the computer industry have been watching Microsoft bump back the cut off date from the original December 2007 deadline.

Since the Windows XP cutoff was first announced, Microsoft has had to readjust its deadline several times to address concerns from users over quality issues with the new Windows Vista operating system.

While this deadline will affect larger manufacturers like Dell and Lenovo, many white box system builders will be able to offer Windows XP until 2009 – 2010.

The main question that is posed from all the feedback Microsoft has received from its customers is “why are people so against this move to Vista?”

In almost any industry, consumers are usually excited to adopt the latest and greatest technology. Whether it’s for a status symbol or merely to be on the cutting edge, you will find the majority of people embrace this type of change.

I think this highlights aspects of Microsoft’s aging business model that continues to frustrate customers, and cause consumers to look for other means of software for their systems.

Click here to read the entire Information Week Article

Editor’s Note: With all the concerns surrounding the upgrade to Windows Vista what are you planning to do for your next operating system. While some may plan to upgrade to Windows Vista or purchase the Vista “downgrade”, others are planning to wait for the 2010 release of Windows 7 or switch over to another operating system altogether. What are your thoughts on the issue?

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