High End PC Hardware for a Performance Video Editing PC

Powerful Specs for a Professional Video Editing System

If you are like many of the video professionals I have worked with in the last few months you have one main thing in common. You need a Professional quality Video Editing System that will deliver power, and performance.

But with all the PC Hardware choices available what is the best custom configuration for a Video Editing PC?

Here we will take a look at the hardware options available along with the best configuration possible to create a professional Video Editing Workstation.

Best Hardware for a High Power Video Editing PC

To create a High End Video Editing Computer you need to make sure you have the best parts for the heart of the system. I highly recommend the Intel Core i7 to make the most of your PC.

This is because it out performs the Intel Core 2 Duo and Dual Core CPUs as well as the AMD AM2 and Phenom II processors. In fact it blows away pretty much every CPU on the market. The Core i7 also excels at multimedia applications, which means you can Edit Video faster with a chip that designed to do just that.

The memory in your Video Editing PC should be DDR3 because it is designed to run with the Intel Core i7 CPUs, and because it offers the fastest Bus speeds available for RAM. It also allows you to take advantage of the triple-channel memory controller function on the Core i7 processors.

For the motherboard you should look into a full size ATX board that will offer you plenty of features and configuration options to create your professional Video Editing workstation. Recommended brands include Intel, ASUS, and Gigabyte because of the reliability and performance they offer to users.

You should also look for boards that offer plenty of expandability through the use of PCI expansion slots and rear I/O slots. This will allow you to customize a very robust Video Editing PC.

Video & Capture Cards for a Video Editing Computer

The two other most important considerations in designing a Video Editing System are the video card, and capture card because these handle all the primary video functions in your system and work in conjunction with your software to provide maximum performance.

Because of this I would recommend going with the GeForce GTX295 video card which comes equipped with 1792mb of video memory. This means any Video Editing software you use that works in tandem with your video card will operate at peak performance.

There are many good capture cards out there but my preference is for the Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-2250 Media Center because of its ability to capture dual ATSC video input. This is great for Video Editing and also doubles as a DVR.

Aside from the main PC hardware considerations we have listed above there are a few other things to consider when custom building a Professional Video Editing PC. Let’s recap below and list any additional hardware that is ideal for high end video performance in a video editing system.

Main considerations for a Proessional Video Editing System:

  • A Powerful Multimedia / Video Editing CPU like the Intel Core i7 Processor
  • Fast DDR3 Memory that takes advantage of the Triple-Channel Memory Controller.
  • A Full Size ATX Motherboard that offers plenty of Expandability & Upgrade Options.
  • A High End GPU like the nVidia GeForce GTX-295 with lots of Video Memory.
  • A Performance Capture Card / TV Tuner that is capable of working with HD Video.

Addition considerations for a High Performance Video Editing PC are as follows:

  • Plenty of hard disk storage space, ideally 1-2 Terabytes.
  • Blu-Ray support for High Definition Video projects.
  • Dual DVD-RW drives for Disc to Disc copy operations and Data Backup.
  • A High Speed 10K (10,000) RPM SATA hard drive.
  • A Case or PC Enclosure that provides good air flow and cooling.

Following these considerations will help you design a Professional High End Video Editing PC that is capable of any project you can imagine.

With high performance hardware that offers power and speed you can Custom Build the perfect system for Video Editing, Video Capture, Post Processing and Video Encoding. If you follow the considerations I have mentioned and work with good brand name PC hardware you will have a Professional Video Editing System that helps you maximize your workflow and creativity.

Thanks for checking out the blog!

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My New Core i7 Performance Gaming PC

Extreme Performance from Intel’s Latest Core i7 CPU

Custom Intel Core i7 Performance and Gaming PCsI have finally found my new computer! I have been waiting for the past year or so to upgrade and I have decided I will be going with Intel’s new Core i7 processor. I have already been fortunate enough to see several of these systems in action and they are blazing fast!

The thing really caught my eye with the Core i7 is the amount of features that are supported by the CPU. All Core i7 processors are quad core CPUs, but this time Intel included hyper threading in the chip which means you will get blazing fast performance from a CPU that is seen by the operating system as having 8 cores!

In addition to the speed and performance that is gained from a quad core hyper-threading processor the Core i7 has an onboard 3 channel memory control, with direct access to system RAM to eliminate any bottle necks in read / write time to the system memory.

I could go on and on about all the improvements to the Core i7 but the most convincing thing is actually seeing these chips in action. I have seen several of these systems built for customers during diagnostics and benchmark tests and the speed completely blows away the Intel Core 2, dual core, and quad core processors.

I have found a really great deal on a Custom Intel Core i7 Performance PC at CPU Solutions that I already have in the works. Not only was the price great, all the parts were in stock and ready to go! I went with the base configuration offered on the website and upgraded the video card to the Xfx Geforce Gtx 280.

If you are looking for a great deal on a performance or gaming system you should check out the selection they have on Core i7 systems. Don’t settle for anything else as this is the direction the hardware will be going from here on out. I can’t wait to set this beast up and get some of the latest demos installed to test it out!

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