Archos 9 Tablet PC Running Microsoft Windows 7

Archos 9 Tablets Featuring Windows 7

If you have been looking for an elegant looking, streamline tablet PC Archos has created the perfect solutions with the new Archos 9 Tablet PC running Microsoft Windows 7.

Touted as the first fully-tactile MiniPC the Archos 9 sports a highly responsive touch screen display along with a virtual keyboard and stylus for navigating through the Windows 7 enviroment.

Demonstrations of the Archos 9 have been fairly impressive with smooth playback of high quality video, lightning fast Wi-Fi and blue tooth capabilities, and great hardware specs in a highly portable tablet PC.

The Archos 9 comes equipped with the new Intel ATOM Z515 processors, an 80gb internal hard disk, blue tooth for wireless accessories and 2 antennas to receive DVBT TV.

The overall package is stylish and fun, and makes the Archos 9 a prime candidate for business and home use.

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My New Core i7 Performance Gaming PC

Extreme Performance from Intel’s Latest Core i7 CPU

Custom Intel Core i7 Performance and Gaming PCsI have finally found my new computer! I have been waiting for the past year or so to upgrade and I have decided I will be going with Intel’s new Core i7 processor. I have already been fortunate enough to see several of these systems in action and they are blazing fast!

The thing really caught my eye with the Core i7 is the amount of features that are supported by the CPU. All Core i7 processors are quad core CPUs, but this time Intel included hyper threading in the chip which means you will get blazing fast performance from a CPU that is seen by the operating system as having 8 cores!

In addition to the speed and performance that is gained from a quad core hyper-threading processor the Core i7 has an onboard 3 channel memory control, with direct access to system RAM to eliminate any bottle necks in read / write time to the system memory.

I could go on and on about all the improvements to the Core i7 but the most convincing thing is actually seeing these chips in action. I have seen several of these systems built for customers during diagnostics and benchmark tests and the speed completely blows away the Intel Core 2, dual core, and quad core processors.

I have found a really great deal on a Custom Intel Core i7 Performance PC at CPU Solutions that I already have in the works. Not only was the price great, all the parts were in stock and ready to go! I went with the base configuration offered on the website and upgraded the video card to the Xfx Geforce Gtx 280.

If you are looking for a great deal on a performance or gaming system you should check out the selection they have on Core i7 systems. Don’t settle for anything else as this is the direction the hardware will be going from here on out. I can’t wait to set this beast up and get some of the latest demos installed to test it out!

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Intel Core i7 Release Date and Information

Nehalem Core i7 from Intel Q4 2008

Intel Nehalem Core i7 CPU Release Date and Pricing InformationFor those of you that have been following the news on Intel’s latest Core i7 CPU codenamed Nehalem your patience is about to be rewarded.

Intel has announced the date for the new Core i7 processor, and says it will be available for purchase as of November 17th. There has been a lot of excitement building around the release of the CPU in the computer industry.

Users who are always working to stay on top of the latest and greatest trends in computer hardware got their first taste of the Nehalem on November 3rd when Intel released official pricing information and some early benchmarks on the performance of the CPU started to appear online.

I have already had customers calling and asking about designing a custom Intel Core i7 Gaming PC. With all the power and potential of the i7 CPU for gaming systems, multimedia workstations, and servers it’s no wonder people are so excited about the latest Intel CPU.

There was an article on Tom’s Hardware a couple months back that gave some very early incite into the Nehalem i7 and impressions of overall performance that can be found at the link below.

Nehalem’ 2.93 GHz Benches Revealed – Tom’s Hardware

Keep checking back for more updates and information on the Intel i7 CPU. We are hoping to get our hands on one soon, and will be following up with a review on the cpu with our initial thoughts on the latest quad core processor from Intel.

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Intel’s Nehalem CPU Officially Named “Core i7” Processor

Next Generation Nehalem Architecture to be Named the Intel Core i7

Intel Nehalem Core i7 CPUIf you have been keeping up with all the advances in CPU architecture in the last few years you will know we have seen quite a few changes. Get ready for latest offering from Intel, which are their new Core i7 CPUs.

The Core i7 will be based on the next generation Nehalem architecture which Intel will start producing later this year. (Fourth quarter of 2008)

The CPU designations on the i7 processors will be similar to Intel’s existing chips which use a model number designation to provide more information about the chips. It will also be available in a standard and extreme version which Intel has used on their existing Core 2 and Quad Core CPUs.

The Nehalem architecture will support two to eight cores, along with two-way simultaneous multithreading. Other features include QuickPath interconnect, and an integrated memory controller. The chips will also utilize a new 8mb shared level 3 cache.

Intel will be releasing more information on the new line of CPUs on August 19 at the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco, California.

Editor’s Note: With Intel’s push for even more powerful processors we can only wait and see what new innovations AMD will be offering to compete with the new Intel i7 processors. Do you think that the current track record for Intel has set them far ahead of the competition from AMD, or will we see another flip flop between the companies in the near future?

For details on the full story read the ZDNet Article which can be found here.

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