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Download MP3s, Movies, and More with Custom Google Searches

Google intitle:Lately a lot of people have been asking me what programs I use to download movies, mp3s and anything else I am looking for online. It’s always fun to see the look on their faces when I tell them “Google”.

The way I do this is by using specialized search commands that look for specific file types, and strip unwanted results out of your search. Because Google is such a powerful search engine it spiders many directories and parts of severs that people are not even aware of. Because of this you can find almost anything you are looking for online if you know how to search Google for it.

The basic command that you use is:


(IMPORTANT: Make sure the “I” in “intitle” is LOWERCASE. This can make a big difference in how successful your search results are. Try it both ways to see what I mean.)

This commend specifies two very important things in a search. The “intitle” command specifies that we are looking for results with a certain variable in the title. In this case that variable is “index.of”. So what we are telling Google is that we are looking for pages with “index.of” in the title which is commonly used in directories on severs.

Now let’s look at some arguments that can be used with the search. Say we want to find mp3s or movies, we would specify the types of files we are looking for in our search results.

intitle:”index.of” (mp3)

intitle:”index.of” (wmv|avi|mpg)

Now if you wanted to get even more specific you could specify the title of the song or movie you are looking for. This is really useful when you are looking for something specific. You can type the name several ways to vary results.

intitle:”index.of” (mp3) in the mood

intitle:”index.of” (mpg|avi|wmv) “movie.trailers”

Keep in mind that you can change the search results by just typing search related terms as you normally would, putting your terms in quotes for a specific phrase, and by putting a period or space in between terms. All variations will give you slightly different results so have fun and experiement. (For more information on this checkout the Google Search Operators link below.)

Another thing to keep in mind is the that file types we are searching for in our examples are just random ones I pulled of the top of my head. You can search for any type of file you like using this command. One time I was fixing a customer’s computer and needed a missing system file so I did a search for:

intitle:”index.of” (sys) nvatabus

So you see how this can change up the search to return a lot of interesting results.

One thing you probably noticed in a lot of your search results was that you were getting unwanted pages and links. Keep in mind you can always filter out specific things in searches to bring back more specific results. For example:

intitle:”index.of” (mp3|mp4|wmv) “classic rock” -htm -html -asp -php -country -classical

In the search above I am specifying that I am looking for music files with the extension mp3, mp4, or wmv. I am also trying to find music files in the “classic rock” genre. The arguments used after that specify that I do not want my search results to contain any common webpage files like html, or php since we are looking specifically for directory results. I also specified that I did not want search results with the words “country” or “classical” in them.

Another helpful hint is to use the find (CTRL+F) function in directories to help quickly find the file you were searching for.

So from looking at the examples I have provided above you should have a good idea of how this works. The best way to learn how to make the most out of these types of searches is by trying different variations to see what works best for you.

I really like using this technique to find music because sometimes I stumble across a server where someone has very similar tastes in music to me. In those cases I usually check what else is available in the directory by using the “Parent Directory” link at the top to explore other folders in that directory.

For great ideas on how to change the variables in your search checkout more information on Google Search Operators.

So now that you have a good understanding of how this type of search works you should now be able to start using Google as a substitute for your favorite file sharing program. Thanks for checking out Custom PC Blog.

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Internet Users are Getting Smarter

Study Links Brain Activity to Web Surfing

Web Surfing Makes You SmarterThere was theory put forth by Nicholas Carr several months ago that tried to assert that people using Google were actually becoming dumber because they no longer read actual information or “books” and merely “skimmed” through information for answers.

Well the BBC has recently published findings that were gathered from an actual scientific study that not only contradicted this claim, but showed that users who were actively Googling had a higher amount of activity in the brain in regions that controlled decision making and complex reasoning.

Now this is something that many internet users already assumed, but the latest results of the study conducted by University of California Los Angeles showed substantial increases in brain activity with experienced web users while searching, as opposed to just reading a book.

The study suggests that the multitude of options presented in search results may be attributed to the increase in brain activity as it forces users to make choices in order to find the most relevant information in searches.

It is very promising to see how emerging technologies are offering a physiological benefit to those who are utilizing them. We have already been seeing findings like this released with gaming systems like the Nintendo DS which doctors have been recommending to older patients and those with head related injuries to help stimulate the mind.

For more information on the latest findings checkout the full article here on BBC News.

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Google Chrome Beta for Windows – Download Link

Google Chrome is Now Available for Windows – Download Here

Google Chrome Beta Download for WindowsIf you were waiting yesterday for a chance to try out the new Google Chrome browser now is your chance. Google has finally made the Chrome beta available for download so users can try out Google’s newest offering in the software arena.

Google Chrome Beta Download Link 

People have had mixed reviews of Google’s ability to produce a good stand alone program because of their relative inexperience in making full applications. While Google excels at making web applications they have not had many offerings as far as software, so it will be interesting to see what people think.

My initial impression of Chrome is that the name does a good job of describing the program. It is sleek, and polished. Simple, yet effective. A friend of mine who has been a long time supporter of Firefox mentioned he had mixed feelings about Firefox 3.0 simply because it felt bloated. His comment was “All I need in a browser is an address bar, and a place to view pages”.

I think Chrome takes this simple idea and creates a browser that does not overwhelm users, and at the same time offers good speed and stability. Of course only long term use will tell for sure, but as it stands Chrome seems like a good offering into the browser arena.

For more information on how to Chrome and all the new features checkout the comic from Google that will walk users through all the nuances of the new software which can be found here.

Google Chrome Walkthrough

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Google Chrome Download – Google’s New Web Browser

Users Trying to Download Chrome Will Need to Wait a Little Longer

Google Chrome DownloadLooking for Chrome, Google’s new web browser? Unfortunately users will have to wait just a little bit longer before they can get their hands on the beta of this new software. On September 1st. Google made an early announcement that the new software would be available for download (as a beta) in 100 countries on Tuesday September, 2nd.

For awhile Google had a “Chrome” landing page setup for users who were interested in the software, but this page is currently down and redirects users to the main Google homepage.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Chrome it is a new web browser developed by Google who has worked closely in the past with Mozilla on the development of FireFox. What this new software means for the relations between Google and Mozilla is anyone’s guess but it is just another sign of Googles evolution into the world of software.

For more information on the release of Chrome and the technical details on the software checkout the TechCrunch article here:

No Joke: Google Introduces The Chrome Browser With A Cartoon

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