Google Chrome Beta for Windows – Download Link

Google Chrome is Now Available for Windows – Download Here

Google Chrome Beta Download for WindowsIf you were waiting yesterday for a chance to try out the new Google Chrome browser now is your chance. Google has finally made the Chrome beta available for download so users can try out Google’s newest offering in the software arena.

Google Chrome Beta Download Link 

People have had mixed reviews of Google’s ability to produce a good stand alone program because of their relative inexperience in making full applications. While Google excels at making web applications they have not had many offerings as far as software, so it will be interesting to see what people think.

My initial impression of Chrome is that the name does a good job of describing the program. It is sleek, and polished. Simple, yet effective. A friend of mine who has been a long time supporter of Firefox mentioned he had mixed feelings about Firefox 3.0 simply because it felt bloated. His comment was “All I need in a browser is an address bar, and a place to view pages”.

I think Chrome takes this simple idea and creates a browser that does not overwhelm users, and at the same time offers good speed and stability. Of course only long term use will tell for sure, but as it stands Chrome seems like a good offering into the browser arena.

For more information on how to Chrome and all the new features checkout the comic from Google that will walk users through all the nuances of the new software which can be found here.

Google Chrome Walkthrough

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  1. movie fan Says:

    Firefox is slower, i know, but there’s just some features i can’t do without

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