Internet Users are Getting Smarter

Study Links Brain Activity to Web Surfing

Web Surfing Makes You SmarterThere was theory put forth by Nicholas Carr several months ago that tried to assert that people using Google were actually becoming dumber because they no longer read actual information or “books” and merely “skimmed” through information for answers.

Well the BBC has recently published findings that were gathered from an actual scientific study that not only contradicted this claim, but showed that users who were actively Googling had a higher amount of activity in the brain in regions that controlled decision making and complex reasoning.

Now this is something that many internet users already assumed, but the latest results of the study conducted by University of California Los Angeles showed substantial increases in brain activity with experienced web users while searching, as opposed to just reading a book.

The study suggests that the multitude of options presented in search results may be attributed to the increase in brain activity as it forces users to make choices in order to find the most relevant information in searches.

It is very promising to see how emerging technologies are offering a physiological benefit to those who are utilizing them. We have already been seeing findings like this released with gaming systems like the Nintendo DS which doctors have been recommending to older patients and those with head related injuries to help stimulate the mind.

For more information on the latest findings checkout the full article here on BBC News.

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