Cash for Clunkers Computer Program offers Incredible Savings!

Save Big Money on Your Next PC with the “Cash for Clunkers” Computer Program

With the incredible success of the “Cash for Clunkers” automobile program, which offered consumers large rebates on trade in cars and trucks towards the purchase of new energy efficient vehicles, many industries have been following suit.

Offering more than just value to customers, these “Clunkers” programs are being designed to cycle out dangerous or inefficient goods from the market and to replace them with new safer and energy efficient products.

Enter the “Cash for Clunkers” Computer Program from CPU Solutions.

The Cash for Clunkers Computer Program allows customers to bring in their old PCs for a trade-in rebate towards qualifying energy efficient PCs from CPU Solutions.

Customers who are not local to Wisconsin can also participate in the clunkers program by sending in a picture of their old PC to become eligible for a “Cash for Clunkersrebate.

CPU Solutions is working with local computer recycling companies in Madison, Wisconsin to make sure that customer’s old systems are being disposed of in a safe and earth friendly manner.

The qualified systems that are eligible for the “Cash for Clunkers” rebate are custom built computers that were designed with Energy Efficiency in mind. These systems utilize some of the best energy saving hardware available.

In addition to the Cash for Clunkers computer rebates and energy efficient Green Machines, CPU Solutions also offers power saving tips and information that show customers exactly how much money that can save each year by purchasing a new energy efficient PC.

They have also provided customers with information and useful links on e-waste and computer recycling and request that customers who mail in pictures of their systems explore responsible disposal methods for their old computers.

It’s good to see businesses going the extra mile to provide extra value to their customers.

The Cash for Clunkers Computer Program helps keep e-waste out of landfills improves overall energy efficiency and minimizes power consumption while offering big savings to anyone who is looking to purchase a new PC.

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