How to Check the Make & Model of a Motherboard

Identify the Model and Brand of a Motherboard

I have had a couple people asking me for a brief follow-up on our “How to POST Test a Motherboard” article. One of the main questions I have been receiving is from people asking how to tell what type of motherboard they have.

It is actually really easy to determine the make and model of your motherboard if you do not have the motherboard box, or you are trying to identify the model of a motherboard that is already inside a system.

Most manufacturers now label the motherboard model with a sticker located near the motherboard serial number. On newer boards this is usually located directly between the memory slots and the CPU socket on the motherboard.

On older boards you might need to look a little harder to find this information as it is usually silk screened between the PCI slots on the board or somewhere below the CPU socket. This was especially common on older 478 and Socket-A motherboards.

(If your computer is working you can always download a software program such as CPUZ from which will identify all the parts in your system including your motherboard model number.)

Below are some pictures that will give you reference examples of where to find this information on newer boards from some of the most popular motherboard manufacturers including Intel, ASUS, Gigabyte.

Intel Motherboard Box Model Number Intel Motherboard Model Number Sticker on Board


Intel Motherboard Model Numbers

In the first images we are looking at an Intel Motherboard Box and the board itself. You can see in the first picture where the model number is located in the box indicated by the red arrow in the image. In the next picture you can see this information is located on the motherboard near the memory slots indicated by the arrow.

ASUS Motherboard Box Model Number ASUS Motherboard Model Number Sticker on Board


ASUS Motherboard Model Numbers

In the next images we are looking at an ASUS motherboard. You can see that on the motherboard box the model number for the board is located below the serial number. On the board itself this information is located near the memory slots again, between the CPU socket and the north-bridge chipset cooler.

Gigabyte Motherboard Box Model Number Gigabyte Motherboard Model Number Sticker on Board


Gigabyte Motherboard Model Numbers

In the next images we are looking at a Gigabyte motherboard. On the Gigabyte motherboard box you will notice the model is posted in big letters near the standard box sticker. The information on the sticker is located at the top in big letters. On the board itself this information is once again located near the memory slots, between the memory and north-bridge chipset cooler.

Socket 478 Motherboard Model Number Silk Screened Socket A Motherboard Model Number Silk Screened


Socket 478 and Socket-A Motherboard Model Numbers

In our last two images we are looking at two older motherboards.

The first image on the left is an Intel Socket 478 Motherboard from ASUS. You can see the brand designation in the upper portion of the picture and the model between the two bottom PCI slots. This information has been silk screened onto the motherboard. (The revision number of this motherboard can be located in small print to the right of the model number)

In the picture on the right we are looking at an old ECS Socket-A Motherboard. As you can see in the image the model number of this motherboard has also been silk screened onto the board, and this time it is located right below the north-bridge chipset cooler.


Overall this guide should give you a good idea of where to look to find the information you are looking for to help you identify the make and model of your motherboard.

These locations seem to be pretty standard on most new motherboard but are subject to change at a moments notice depending on what manufacturers decide to do. When in doubt check different labels on your motherboard and type them into Google to confirm if they are a model number. If you type in a model number it should return many relevant results that will help you identify that you have correctly located the model number.

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