Great Value in a Phenom II X4 All-In-One Computer System

The Most PC for Your Money with the AMD Phenom II

Times have been rough lately. Let’s face it. You turn on the news and all you hear about are layoffs, bankruptcy, and foreclosures.

But at the same time there are still things you need around the house. Appliances need to work, you need to be able to cook dinner every night, and the kids still need to be able to do their homework.

I think in our modern day society the computer has become a household appliance. Not only does it provide relaxation and entertainment, it also provides a valuable need for many of the things we do in our everyday lives.

I know many families out there that rely on a computer in the home for things like news, communications, research, and learning. Whether you are reading the latest headlines, emailing your relatives or doing homework, a computer provides an invaluable resource for the entire family.

With this in mind I have been looking for the best value in a PC for the money. After some research I narrowed this down to the new Phenom II All-In-One Computer Package from CPU Solutions.

This system offers an amazing value and includes everything you need in a computer to satisfy the entire family. Whether you are using the system for entertainment purposes, or work and communications, the Phenom II All-In-Package provides you with everything you need right out of the box.

The hardware specs on the system are great for the price, but what really impressed me was all the additional hardware included in the package that truly provided everything you need with a home computer.

Included with the computer is a 22” widescreen LCD monitor that is great for entertainment and studying. There is also the Microsoft Communications Package which includes a multimedia keyboard, optical mouse, and webcam that is perfect for making your own family movies or keeping in touch with relatives.

Also included is a Canon Inkjet printer which is perfect for printing off work documents, homework, pictures, and even family photos. Stop spending money having photos printed when you can do it professionally in your own home.

There is also a Logitech S-150 Speaker set which is perfect for enjoying movies and all your favorite music right on your PC.

As you can see, this is the complete computer package at a great price that offers value and savings on your next home computer. Don’t be fooled by retail chains that offer “Big Savings” on computers only to nickel and dime you for the additional hardware you need.

If you’re a on a budget but still need that perfect system that meets the entire families needs you should checkout the Phenom II All-In-One Computer Package from CPU Solutions. Get the most for your money in a custom computer system with the Phenom II CPU from AMD.

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