Green Machine Power Savings through Software

With Energy Prices on the Rise what can you do to Save Money?

Edison Power Management Software ApplicationLately it is a thought that is on all our minds… the cost of energy. What has happened in the past few years that dragged us to the point we are at today? I could go around pointing fingers, or playing the blame game but the fact is that not much gets accomplished when we focus on things like that.

Instead I would like to make a recommendation for something proactive we can do to save a little money in the grips of this energy crisis.

Enter “Edison”, a power management program created by Verdiem Software. Edison is a software program that adds a robust functionality to the standard Windows power management options through a third party interface.

The program itself is very easy to use and shows you the amount of money, energy and CO2 you are saving according to the settings you decide to go with in the program. It is very eye opening to see not only the monetary savings but the potential environmental impact that can be made by managing our power consumption on the PCs we use everyday.

I am by no means a green activist, but in the past few months our weather patterns, world events, and national economy have made it apparent why we all need to start paying more attention to these issues. For us techies it can be something as simple as installing some software the help promote a positive change.

Check the following link to download the Edison PC Power Management Software.

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