Archos 9 Tablet PC Running Microsoft Windows 7

Archos 9 Tablets Featuring Windows 7

If you have been looking for an elegant looking, streamline tablet PC Archos has created the perfect solutions with the new Archos 9 Tablet PC running Microsoft Windows 7.

Touted as the first fully-tactile MiniPC the Archos 9 sports a highly responsive touch screen display along with a virtual keyboard and stylus for navigating through the Windows 7 enviroment.

Demonstrations of the Archos 9 have been fairly impressive with smooth playback of high quality video, lightning fast Wi-Fi and blue tooth capabilities, and great hardware specs in a highly portable tablet PC.

The Archos 9 comes equipped with the new Intel ATOM Z515 processors, an 80gb internal hard disk, blue tooth for wireless accessories and 2 antennas to receive DVBT TV.

The overall package is stylish and fun, and makes the Archos 9 a prime candidate for business and home use.

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