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Russian Cyber-War Waged by Government Hackers on Georgia?

Internet Warfare against Georgia, Is Russia to Blame?

Russian Cyber War against GeorgiaIf you have been paying attention to anything other than the Olympics lately you have probably heard the news of the war that has broken out between Russia and the country of Georgia.

There have been numerous reports from news channels and political parties about what started the conflict and who is to blame.

Being an American citizen and having no concept of what goes on in that region of the world I do not have the needed perspective to comment on who started what.

Instead I wanted to point out an interesting article I came across outlining cyber attacks that have taken place against the country of Georgia. The information at this point is limited but from early analysis of the attacks experts are concluding Russian involvement in nation wide attacks against the cyber infrastructure of Georgia.

Coupled with DDOS (Distribute Denial of Service) attacks, spoofed websites with political propaganda have been surfacing throughout the region, along with Russia’s blocking traffic to websites in Georgia.

This is an early example of Cyber Warfare in the twenty first century. While this is not the first occurrence we have heard of this, this is certainly one of the most public ones. Security experts are still analyzing logs and timelines to try and determine detailed information about the attacks. As it stands the information available has only lead to more confusion about exactly what has happened, which is one of the goals with attacks of this nature in the first place.

For more information on the story checkout the latest article at the Register here.

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