Unlock Apple TV with a Thumb Drive Hack

Play Any Multimedia File with Boxee, Thumb Drive Hack for Apple TV

Boxee Thumb Drive Hack by Scott DavillaAre you an Apple TV lover that has been disappointed by the functionality of the system in not letting you play all those multimedia files you have collected over the years. There are quite a few people out there that have had complaints about Apple’s stringent restrictions on what media files users can playback on their Apple TV.

Well not to worry. With the advent of Boxee, users can now playback almost any video file on their computer with no media restrictions.

Boxee is a software patch coded by Scott Davilla that can be loaded onto an Apple TV via USB stick. Once users have patched their system they will see a Boxee menu appear on Apple TV which will give them an update option that will install Boxee on their Apple TV unit.

The software needs to be loaded via a “bootable” USB thumb drive in order to work properly but if your USB drive is not bootable by default there are many applications out there that can format the drive and make it bootable.

Right now Boxee is invitation only through Scott Davilla’s site but users that have received invites to download the software can also send invites to others. The software is currently only available for Mac, but Scott plans to release a Windows and Linux version in the following week.

For more information on Boxee checkout the full article here on Wired.com.

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  1. yos Says:

    please can you let me know where can i find the software for windows XP ? many thank

  2. iqbal Says:

    thanks for the info

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